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Jake and Judy are practicing their oral health Independence this July!

July 1 2013

Jake and Judy love the 4th of July! It’s Independence Day for our country and that reminds them that kids are learning to be independent in building their oral health habits by putting stickers on their sticker chart every day after they brush. By brushing,...

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Dental Emergencies – What to do?

June 28 2013

You and your child can do everything right to take care of their teeth. He eats healthy snacks, brushes after every meal, and if you’re lucky, he even flosses! But then it happens. The inevitable dental accident. For my son, it was a whack to the face...

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The High Cost of Junk Food

June 25 2013

Today, the problem with oral health, and kids’ teeth being rotted to the root is a result of the widespread consumption of junk-food, candy, and soda, along with children not brushing their teeth.  Those of us who have access to fluoridated water, toothbrushes,...

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Fluoride – Protection For Your Child’s Teeth

June 21 2013

Although dental caries, (tooth decay) is very preventable, it remains the most common chronic disease of children aged 6 to 11 years (25%), and adolescents aged 12 to 19 years (59%). Tooth decay is 4x more common than asthma among adolescents aged 14...

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Jake and Judy celebrate June!

June 17 2013

  Jake and Judy are super excited because it’s June! There are so many things to celebrate; it’s their favorite time of the year! For starters, school is out for the summer! Jake and Judy will be spending their summer break having a blast with their dog...

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Just like you! How to be a great Role Model.

May 29 2013

“Chip off the old block.”  You have created your children as perfect, little replicas of yourself. But your son or daughter may share more than your cute smile or your button nose. They emulate you and share your habits.  And in their early, formative...

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Root Canal Treatments for Children

May 22 2013

You’ve done all the right things to take care of your child’s teeth. You help them brush after each meal, they only eat healthy snacks, including fresh fruits and vegetables, they avoid sugary treats and drinks, and they visit a dentist every year for...

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May brings many of the things that Jake and Judy love the most!

May 14 2013

Cinco de Mayo may be a traditional Mexican celebration, but it also reminds Jake and Judy of five things that are most important to have healthy teeth and gums; 1) Brush after every meal, 2) Floss every day, 3) Avoid sugary candy & drinks and eat healthy...

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Tips for choosing gifts for kids

April 29 2013 , Written by Claire Cohen Published on #gift idea, #gift tips, #gift for kids

Tips for choosing gifts for kids from Maira Malik

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Wonderfull and Different Kids Presents

April 25 2013 , Written by Claire Cohen Published on #kids, #gifts

Wonderful and different kids presents from Maira Malik

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